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  • A.D.S. Skip Hire is a fast growing company covering Medway, Maidstone and the surrounding areas (covering Kent).
  • We aim to provide our customers with a professional and efficient service, whilst offering competitive prices.
  • A.D.S. Recycle in excess of 80% of waste brought into our Transfer Station in Rochester, these include wood, cardboard, metal, soil and hardcore.
  • Recycled soil available (screened) which is ideal for borders, turfing and backfilling.
  • Recycled crushed concrete is available.

Customers are also welcome to bring in their own waste to our Transfer Station, providing they can provide the nessesary paperwork, ie. waste carriers license and waste transfer note. In order to do this please contact the office prior to delivery.

All waste is recycled with a minimum amount going to Landfill.

Please feel free to browse through our site, if there are any questions we have not answered then please feel free to contact us.



ADS Skip Hire Green Policies

Office wood for recycling screened soil recycled hardcore metal for recycling waste for sorting landfill waste large selection of skip sizes

At our recycling transfer facility in Rochester, waste comes onto the recycling area where we sort it into different categories such as wood, cardboard, metal, soil, hardcore and rubbish using our trommel systems, each category then goes to it's individual area for further recycling. Only when the process is finished and we cannot extract anymore reusable goods is it transported to landfill.

Any wood that comes in gets chipped and is used in power facilities, metal sorted into ferrous and non ferrous to be recycled, cardboard is compacted and pulped or goes to power facilities, whilst hardcore goes to a crushing facility to be reused in construction. The soil goes to landfill to cap off when the site is complete or used in construction. We are constantly implementing new ideas and practices to lower the amount sent to landfill, we pride ourselves on our recycling abilities.

We recycle in excess of 80%
of waste brought into us!




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